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Lemon Shark

The Lemon Shark is the most common shark we see off the coast of Florida.  Lemon Sharks are known to migrate to our waters annually for a mating aggregation.

See Lemon Sharks in Florida – Year round


Tiger Shark

The Tiger Shark is one of the Highlights of Shark Diving in Florida.  Perhaps the most curious of the shark species we encounter, we teach you how to safely interact with these amazing predators.

See Tiger Sharks in Florida December to July


Great Hammerhead Shark

The Great Hammerhead Shark is one of the most fascinating shark species we encounter.  Encounters here don’t last long with this species, but they are known to cruise in giving photographer’s several photo ops!

 See Great Hammerhead Sharks in Florida January to May


Bull Shark

Probably the most sensationalised Shark in Florida’s Waters.   These Sharks are commonly seen on our dives.   They’re also the only known shark that travels in to freshwater environments.

See Bull Sharks in Florida -January to June, with smaller numbers seen year round


Caribbean Reef Shark

The Carribean Reef Shark is commonly seen in the coastal waters of the coast of Florida. During the Summer months, the mature CRS commonly join our dives.

See Carribean Reef Sharks in Florida- Summer Months


Nurse Shark

Nurse Sharks are commonly seen in Florida but we rarely see them come to the surface for our tours.   Thats not to say they haven’t made appearances near the surface.

See Nurse Sharks in Florida – Year Round


Sandbar Shark

Sandbar Sharks are the cousin to the Bull Shark.   They’re known for their long pectoral fins, tall Dorsal fin, and pale color. Sandbar Sharks are known to give close-up photo Op’s.

See Sandbar Sharks in Florida – May to August


Silky Shark

Silky Sharks are an extremely “social” Pelagic species of Shark commonly found schooling with the same species.   Silky Sharks are also the second most killed shark globally due to by-catch so were lucky to have a sustainable population here.

See Silky Sharks in Florida – June to August


Dusky Shark

Dusky Sharks have been recently protected off Florida’s coast giving a chance to see what their population would look like before being fished.  In summer 2018, we saw 10+ Dusky Sharks per trip proving to be a short-term success story.

See Dusky Sharks in Florida – Late June to Early September



Scalloped Hammerhead Shark

The Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks used to migrate along our coast. Fisherman have since depleted their population by over 90% .   We do see a few schooling adults in deep water in the summer months.

Chance Encounters – July and August


Smooth Hammerhead Shark

This is a Shark that is highly migratory.   The Smooth Hammerhead Shark is the second largest of the ten Hammerhead Shark species.

Chance Encounters – June to August


Whale Shark

While  there’s no timeline on when they might show up, The Whale Shark is known to make its appearance off our coast several times per year during their annual migrations.

Chance Encounters – All Year


Blacktip Shark

The Blacktip Shark is a requiem species of shark that is commonly found migrating along Florida’s coast in the winter months.   We often see mature adults in deep water in the summer months.

See Blacktip Sharks in Florida – July and August


Bonnethead Shark

Known as the only  shark that eats plant matter, the smallest of the hammerhead species can sometimes be spotted off our coast.  Normally, they flee the area before we even see them though.

Chance Encounters – Year Round


Smalltooth Sawfish

This Critically endangered animal is spotted several times per year off our coast. Often confused as a shark, these are actually Ray.  Habitat loss has driven these incredible animals near extinction.

Chance Encounters – Winter Months